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Trade CFDs on Futures from around the world and explore endless trading opportunities.

Futures are financial contracts between a buyer and a seller that some asset will be bought or sold at an agreed upon price and date in the future. The price agreed upon by both parties is known as the forward price while the specified future date of the payment is known as the delivery date.

Futures enable investors to speculate on the price movements of a range of agricultural commodities, indices and energy instruments. For instance, if an investor believes that the price of a specific instrument will appreciate, they could purchase a futures contract at a lower price and sell it at a later date, once the asset has increased in value.


When it comes to your money, we deliver! With fast, safe and trackable transfer processing and all the most popular payment methods offered. Our deposit, withdrawal system operates 24/7.


Futures are a popular investment method for many traders as it allows the speculation on the value of a range of commodities, indices and energies.
Instruments Name Currency Margin for Contract in % Trading Session
UKOIL.f Crude Oil Brent Futures USD 2% Mon. 01:00 -24:00
Tues.-Fri 00:00-01:00 / 03:00-24:00
USOIL.f West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Futures USD 2% Mon.-Fri. 01:00-24:00
NGAS.f NGAS Futures USD 10% Mon.- Thurs. 01:00-24:00
Fri. 01:00 – 23:45
COPPER.f Copper Futures USD 2% Mon.- Thurs. 01:00-24:00
Fri. 01:00 – 23:45
CHINA50.f China A50 Futures USD 5% Mon.-Fri. 04:00-11:30 / 12:15-21:00
CHINAH.f China H-Shares Futures HKD 5% Mon.03:15-06:00 / 07:00-10:30 / 11:15-17:45
Tues.-Thurs. 00:00-22:15 / 22:30-23:00
Friday 00:00-22:15
DX.f Dollar Index Futures USD 2.0% Mon.-Fri. 03:00-24:00
MDE50.f Germany Mid-Cap Futures EUR 2.0% Mon.-Fri. 11:00-24:00
DETEC30.f Germany Tech 30 Futures EUR 2.0% Mon.-Fri. 11:00-24:00
HK50.f Hong Kong Futures HKD 5% Mon.-Fri. 03:15-06:00 / 07:00-10:30 / 11:15-17:45
IND50.f India 50 Futures USD 5% Mon.-Fri. 04:00-13:10 / 14:15-21:00
SING.f Singapore Blue Chip Futures SGD 5% Mon.-Fri. 03:30-12:10 / 13:15-21:00
LCC.f London Cocoa Futures GBP 3% Mon.-Fri. 11:30-18:55
LRC.f London Coffee Futures USD 3% Mon.-Fri. 11:00-19:30
LSU.f London Sugar Futures USD 3% Mon.-Fri. 10:45-20:00
CC.f US Cocoa Futures USD 3% Mon.-Fri. 11:45-20:30
KC.f US Coffee Futures USD 3% Mon.-Fri. 11:15-20:30
CT.f US Cotton Futures USD 3% Mon.-Fri. 04:00-21:20
SB.f US Sugar Futures USD 3% Mon.-Fri. 10:30-20:00
FGBL.f Euro Bund Futures EUR 2% Mon.-Fri. 10:00-24:00
FLG.f UK Long Gilt Futures GBP 2% Mon.-Fri. 10:00-20:00
TY.f US 10yr T-Note Futures USD 2% Mon.01:00-24:00.
Tues.-Friday. 24:00-01:00, 02:00-24:00